Get Netgear Router Information using Genie Application

Netgear Genie App is the single window application that can be used to manage your home network from very basic to advance level. Best thing about the Netgear Genie App is that, you download the Netgear Genie App for free of cost and 24/7 tech support is available for any kind of issues for the Netgear Genie App. Here we are providing the complete steps you will need to follow if you want to know the Netgear Router Information using the Netgear Genie Application.

Get Netgear Router Information using Genie Application

  • Open the web interface for the Netgear Genie Application
  • Here you will need to search for the :Home Network”
  • After that you will need to join the home network available.
  • Fill the login details for the successful login for the Netgear Genie Application
  • Simply press the OK button for the pop up window.
  • Select the “Information” option.
  • Select the “About” button.

Here you can find the complete details for the Netgear routers you are using. We are always there to help you at any point you need help for the Netgear routerlogn.net or any other kind of issues.

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